Wellesley College Class of 1974
Welcome to the Wellesley College Class of 1974 Website!  
As those who visited this site prior to our 40th Reunion will notice, this site has been drastically updated! You will find reminisciences about the 40th,  
  • The 40th Reunion remembered (you are encouraged to write about your own experiences!)
  • Access to our Reunion 2014 Record Book (softcopy, PDF format)
  • Ability to purchase hardcopy Record Book (B/W)
  • Photos (see the Photo Gallery link in the menu bar to the left).

as well as:

  • Access to our Reunion 2009 Record Book
  • Past class newsletters
  • Information about deceased classmates


Wellesley College is developing an integrated portal environment that, among other things, will be replacing this web site - after 16 years! - in the January/February 2015 timeframe.  

Click here for details.

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